Recommended Cebu 10,000 yen night view tour


Do you know that Cebu also has a nice night view spot?
This time , I would like to report on Cebu ¥10,000 Night View & Dinner provided by KSB Travel .
There is no doubt that it will be a wonderful night if you invite that child you care about!
KSB Girl Travel Report!

This is Eri, who is in charge of the travel report.
I usually do an internship at a language school called Credo ! Thanking you in advance!


Actually, I’ve been to “Tops” where you can experience the night view of Cebu only once in the evening, but it’s the first time at night!
I’m thrilled to see what the night view of Cebu looks like!

A private car will pick you up at the designated place.
Depart immediately!


We will continue on the mountain road beyond the Marco Polo Hotel.
It is a steep mountain road.
About 30 minutes after getting in the car, we arrived at the tops of this destination!


The entrance looks like this.


The inside is surprisingly spacious.


There is also a shop, so you can enjoy it while drinking at night.
Above all, my recommendation is “Budoy on TOP” yakitori!
Moreover, this yakitori! For some reason, it’s “Negima” (laughs)



It doesn’t convey well in the photo, but it’s really delicious, so please give it a try.
It costs 150 pesos for 3 bottles! (This is a separate charge from the tour)

What is the outside scenery you care about?
It’s almost like this in the evening.


It changes like this at night.
A very romantic atmosphere with a panoramic view of Cebu’s night view.

Night view

To be honest, the night view of Cebu? I was licking it for a while, but the night view was so nice that I was surprised!
It’s about 5 times as beautiful as the photo, so don’t worry.
Night photography is difficult, isn’t it? .. ..


After enjoying the night view with tops for a while, it’s dinner time! !!


Invite to a nice restaurant with a beautiful night view! (Supper is included in the tour fee, but drink fee is not included.)


The atmosphere inside the popular Filipino restaurant “Lantaw” in Cebu is also nice.

Night view restaurant

The view from the shop is just superb!
You can enjoy delicious food while looking at the wonderful scenery. (Cooking is a course. It is different from the photo)

Cebu night view

After having dinner, return to your hotel.
It’s a 4-hour tour, so it’s a very easy-to-go tour that won’t collapse in a day.

The price is 2980 pesos per person, including transportation and dinner.

I also went there this time and the night view of Cebu is not bad! I was surprised.
Especially recommended for couples traveling to Cebu! !!

I also want to come and visit with my boyfriend next time ☆

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This is the KSB Girl Travel Report!

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