Luxury sunset Cruise & Dinner on board

Luxury sunset Cruise & Dinner on board

Cruising the sea of Cebu in a luxury cruiser and enjoying the sunset. Just like a celebrity tour in Cebu.

That’s right!!!

So this travel report is “Sunset cruising tour”!!

Sunset cruising tour


We will meet at the port next to Moevenpick at 17:00.
Customers who apply for a tour with KSB will be picked up at each hotel.

That? Isn’t it a cruiser?


All right!! The cruiser is too big to reach the port, so first you’ll get on a bangka boat to the cruiser (about 5 minutes).


Wow! That’s the cruiser.
It is huge after all!


It’s a fashionable chair. The orange chair you often see at this resort is more comfortable than you might think. And once you sit down, you don’t like to stand up anymore. .. ..

All-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat rice

One of the generous offers that was included in this tour is all-you-can-drink wine, beer and soft drinks! !!
In addition to drinks, there is also all-you-can-eat food! !!
Amazing! !! Great value! !!
It seems that the food changes depending on the day. The food that was served when I went was BBQ.
There were many Filipino guests this time, so there was a heap of rice.
For Japanese people, I don’t need so much rice! (Laughs)
The BBQ was grilled on the back, so it’s fresh! !! It was hot! !!



We are going to depart when all the participants are ready! !!
This tour is not a private tour, so you will be riding with another participant.
So if someone is late, it’s a collective responsibility. So, Filipino time is no good! !!
If there are many people, it is possible to charter.


The sunset is so beautiful


How fashionable it is to watch the sunset with a glass of wine on a luxury cruise. ..
There is no doubt that you will feel fashionable! !!
It is highly recommended for couples.


Departing the sea of Mactan, cruising to SRP, and on the way back, I will go through that “Mactan Bridge” and return to Mactan!
Looking up at Mactan Bridge from below feels fresh. I just felt like I was going to fall and I was afraid.


The atmosphere at night is also fashionable.

Just like a blink of an eye, the cruising tour takes about 2 to 3 hours.
It is about 20:00, so it’s still night!

This tour depends on the weather, but we do it almost every day! !!
“Adult night cruising”, which is a bit different from island hopping,
please try it when you come to Cebu.

For more information and inquiries, please contact us from here.

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