Let’s stay at Cebu’s five-star resort, Crimson!


I would like to introduce the 5 star resort “Crimson Resort and Spa” in Cebu Island.
It is one of the newest resort hotels in Cebu.

Villa type and cottage type guest rooms


The biggest feature is “villa type and cottage type guest rooms”.
Rather than a so-called general building-type hotel, Crimson is a single-family room.


The surrounding area is rich in nature, and the hotel is designed so that you can fully enjoy the tropical resort.

The room

The room

The rooms are also beautifully made. The feature is that the bathroom is large.
A nice room has a private pool.


Pool and beach


One of the major features here is the open pool with a panoramic view of the sea.


The beach area is also large.
I lie down on the sofa along the beach and look at the sea.
It’s the best way to spend time.





Crimson restaurants have an indoor restaurant and an outdoor restaurant called Azure.
Azure also has a bar and has a great atmosphere.



Breakfast at the hotel is buffet style.
Especially the variety of bread is abundant.



It takes about 30 minutes by taxi from the airport.
Since there is nothing around, it is basically a hotel-completed type, but it is easy to go out because there is a hotel bus from the hotel to the shopping mall.


One of the most representative hotels in Cebu! It is a resort hotel for adults who are relatively older.
The price is reasonable, but it is a hotel that you definitely want to stay when you come to Cebu.
KSB accepts reservations at a special price, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to make a reservation.
For more information is here

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