Introducing Ayala Mall ☆ KSB Girl Travel Report

Nice to meet you!
This is RICA from KSB Girl!
I would like to report on various places in the Philippines from now on, so thank you ☆

This time I would like to introduce “Ayala Mall”! !!


I will show you how to enjoy Ayala Mall, like an active female college student!
Alright! Let Go!
Ayala Mall is a mall run by the Ayala conglomerate.
The Ayala conglomerate is the largest conglomerate in the Philippines and is engaged in various businesses other than malls.
Ayala Mall is the most fashionable mall in Cebu.
The atmosphere is nice, so it’s one of the recommended date spots in Cebu.

There are many world-class shops!

This is Mr. ZARA


After all, there are a lot of fashionable clothes!


There are many shops, so if you like shopping, you will surely love it!


The sandals are so cute


There are also Japanese shops


MUJI and Daiso are also included in Ayala! I want you to do more!
There are several Japanese restaurants, and there are many Japanese foods in Ayala!

There are also sports shops, Apple Stores and movie theaters.


I want to play soccer in Cebu!! No problem! There is also a sports shop.
You can also get spikes and uniforms!


Here is iStore.The latest models are released a little later than in Japan, but you can buy them properly at regular shops.
There are a lot of other electronics shops in Ayala, so I think you will have almost everything you need.

映画 アヤラ

There is also a movie theater! Surprisingly, even in Japan, you can see the movie before its premier.
But, of course, there are no Japanese subtitles, so maybe it’s for advanced English speakers? Of course, it is also recommended to study English!

Souvenir shops


If you want to buy souvenirs, you can have it at this shop, “Island Souvenirs”


They sell a lot of cute T-shirts.


おみやげ ギター

There are many other souvenirs, so please take a look!

After all, the charm of Ayala Mall is fashionable


The reason why Ayala Mall has become a popular date spot for local college students is that it is perfect for dating.
At night, the atmosphere in the garden changes very romantically.



Lots of Restaurants


There are many international restaurants in Ayala Mall.



This time, I will introduce my favorite Filipino food restaurant. It is the “Hukad sa Golden Cowrie.”
It is located on the second floor of the garden outside Ayala.


We especially recommend “Sisig” and “Gambas”


That’s all for the introduction of Ayala Mall!
If you come to Cebu, don’t miss it! !! You can already visualize what it feels like to be in Cebu !!


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