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Sunset Night Cruise B

4,000 pesos (1 person)

✳️Beautiful sunset ✳️drink from the cruiser All-you-can-drink with dinner ✳️and a relaxing tour with a glass of wine Basic charge 4.000 pesos (about 8,500 yen) 2,000 pesos Children 6-12 years old Schedule Cruiser Time 17: 00-19: 00 Mactan City Hotel Free Transfer Zebu City Hotel Transfer 1,000 pesos per person Private car can be arranged […]

Island hopping tour B on a luxury cruiser

5,000 pesos (1 person)

Island hopping tour on a luxury cruiser

Large cruiser and a little celebrity island hopping A

4,500 pesos (1 person)

It is a recommended tour for adults who are strong against the shaking of the waves, are vulnerable to boats and small children, and want to relax and enjoy the sea.

Cebu! Golf tour

Please contact us

Would you like to experience lord golf on Cebu Island?

Transform-to-mermaid tour

2,000 (1 person)

It is a tour that you can transform into a longing mermaid with the beautiful sea of ​​Cebu in the background.

Bohol Firefly Tour

3,200 (1 person)

Would you like to see fireflies on Bohol Island?

A tour in Cebu Island

2,200 (1 person)

Enjoy a tour of various famous spots on Cebu Island
At the end of this tour, the city's famous spots are almost complete! ??

Island hopping and Banana boating!

4,000 (1 person)

It is a greedy tour that includes island hopping and banana boat.

Sunset Cruising on a Luxury Cruise A

3,000 pesos

Let's go see the sunset on a luxury cruise! !! This price includes all-you-can-drink beer and wine, and BBQ!

Daanbantayan Kandaya Resort 2 Nights 3 Days Tour

17,500 (1 person)

It is a tour that you can enjoy a super luxury resort in Daan Bantayan for 2 nights and 3 days. We will show you a secret resort that is not known to Japanese people at KSB special price.

Palawan 2 nights 3 days Tour

6,950 pesos

Palawan, the last unexplored region in the Philippines If you want to feel the undeveloped nature, Palawan is the place to go.

3 Days and 2 Nights Tour in Boracay

6,900 (1 person)

This is a 2-night 3-day tour of Boracay, the No. 1 resort in the Philippines. The beautiful beach with a total length of 3km and the beauty of the sea are overwhelming.