Island Hopping, a must-do activity when you come to Cebu

The easiest way to enjoy Cebu is “Island Hopping”.
It is not Cebu if you are not talking about and doing island hopping.

What is island hopping?


Island hopping is a tour of the islands of Cebu aboard a bangka boat.
To be honest, the sea near Cebu is not particularly beautiful.
If you want to enjoy the beautiful sea, you need to go to the island by boat from Cebu (Mactan Island).
These are some of the famous islands near Cebu.

If you have a request, KSB will take you to the best island, depending on the weather and season of the day.

This time, we will introduce the flow of the tour using the state of the group tour of “Jinsei Gakuen-sama” as an example.

Pick up to a designated hotel or school.
At KSB, of course, a private car transfer is included, so we will pick you up at a designated hotel or school.
The schedule will be about 9 o’clock so that you can arrive at the dock and board the ship.

Arrive at the dock


We will take a boat from here. First, take a small boat to the bangka boat.


The boat looks like this


We’ll take the boat and leave.
If there is a wave, it will shake quite a lot, so if you are prone to motion sickness, it is recommended to take some motion sickness medicine in advance.

Nalusuan Island


After about 30 minutes by boat, we arrived at the first island “Nalusuan Island”.
The island here is the most popular spot with accommodation.
You can enjoy snorkeling from the pier.


The fish are really messy.
The color and type of fish vary depending on the season.
There are few colorful fish today.
On Saturdays and Sundays, there are a lot of Korean group guests and it is quite crowded.

Lunch at Solver Island



Solver Island is an uninhabited island, so it is easy to go because it is close to Mactan.
Here we eat KSB special BBQ.
All ingredients are prepared in advance, so please rest assured.
A small beach with shallow waters is present around the island, so you can took a break after eating.


Snorkel from the Ship


Snorkel from the top of the ship by snorkel points before returning!
Of course, life jackets are essential for those who can’t swim because they can’t get their feet on.
Even if you can’t swim, if you wear a life jacket, the crew of the ship will help you, so please try it.


There are beautiful fish.
The experience of seeing so many fish with a snorkel I don’t think you can try it anywhere else.


After snorkeling, return to the dock and take a shower.
Of course, there is also a pick-up service on the way back, so please rest assured.

That’s how island hopping was like.

The experience depends on the island you are going to, but if you come to Cebu, please try it once.

At KSB, even two people can prepare private island hopping.
Group discounts can be applied from 10 people or more.
Contact us from here! !!
We look forward to your participation! !!

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