KSB is in motion !!!


To all of you who have availed the services of KSB Tour before, nice to meet you all!

Nice to meet you. This is Mana Kondo, a local staff member from the Philippines! I’ve been in Cebu for about 7 years including my first study abroad, travel and work lol.  I’m currently taking over KSB and working locally! !!

I may look like a Filipina, but I am Japanese.

Thank you!

Now, let’s go to the main topic.👇👇

KSB has been renewed after overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and the aftermath of the typhoon! We are back on our feet and we are ready to go again!

Now that domestic tourism in the Philippines has returned a little, I am currently working with KSB staff.

We are preparing at a rapid pace so that you will be able to experience the best vacation in Cebu.💛💛💛

The beautiful landscapes before had been heavily damaged by the recent typhoon, but due to this pandemic, the sea has become the most beautiful place nowadays since there are no visiting tourists for a long time🌟😍😍!!!

I’m having fun while going to various places and doing research with the staff.  So I will give you an update in my next blog!

Thank you, everyone!♪♪

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