How to distinguish a delicious mango in the Philippines!

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Mango is the fruit you want to eat in the Philippines! !!
It’s expensive to buy in Japan, but you can buy it normally for 100 yen each.
However, the difference between delicious and bad mangoes is huge!
This time, I summarized how to distinguish delicious mangoes.

Mango best season

You can eat mangoes all year round in the Philippines, but in fact, mangoes in the Philippines also have the best season.
The least out of place is March, April and May. Mangoes in this season are sweet and really delicious.
On the other hand, if you don’t choose it properly in the rainy season, you will often get out of the way, so please be careful.

In fact, an important production area

Cebu mango

Filipino mangoes are made in various places such as “Manila”, “Cebu” and “Mindanao”.
Mindanao is the most abundant, but Mindanao and Manila mangoes are not really suitable for eating raw because they have a lot of fiber.
If anything, it seems that it is often processed into dry mango.

So which mango is suitable for eating raw in Filipino mango?
It is …
“Guadalupe in Cebu” “Guimaras in Iloilo” Mangoes from these two production areas are overwhelmingly delicious.
When you buy it, ask the shop staff about the place of origin before you buy it.

Open-air shop to buy mango

Open air

I honestly don’t recommend buying mangoes at the supermarket. It is expensive, and supermarket mangoes are in stock for a long time, so it’s often not in season.
If you want to buy some, there are many cheap and delicious mangoes that you can buy at some outdoor shops.

How to identify delicious mangoes

Smell rather than looking at the color or shape. That’s right.
It should be smelled from the top! Sweet mangoes smell sweet from the top!
If the sweet smell drifts away, there is no doubt that it also tastes sweet!

Put the mango in the fridge 1 hour before eating!


Store the mango at room temperature.
If you leave it in the refrigerator for a long time, it will lose its flavors, and will eventually turn black.
However, it is best to put it in the refrigerator and cool it for an hour before eating.

The abovementioned information talks about the mangoes in the Philippines.
Delicious mango is really sweet and mouthwatering.
In Japan, it is also a great attraction for the Philippines to be able to eat high quality fruit mango at a low price!
Have a nicel mango life!!

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