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If it’s “meat” in Cebu, Churrasco from “Movenpick” is recommended!

Introducing all-you-can-eat Churrasco in the restaurant course of the luxury resort hotel “Movenpick Hotel” in Cebu.


The Moevenpick Hotel is one of the most fashionable and modern hotels in Cebu.
This hotel is definitely recommended  for couples and women’s trips. If you want to experience the excellent food that you can eat at this restaurant! That is “Churrasco”.
Click here for hotel details and reservations.

All-you-can-eat Churassco

It is a complete reservation system and the price is 2400 peso per person, which is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Cebu.
But don’t worry.
Satisfactory enough,  2400 pesos is rather cheap! You should consider that.


As you can see from the entrance of the restaurant “IBIZA” along the beach of the hotel,
it’s just fashionable! !!


On the outside stage, dance and singing shows are held.


You can eat while watching the show outside, or if you want to eat quietly, you can eat inside.



The restaurant offers 15 kinds of dishes including salad bar and dessert.
Of course, you can eat as much as you want.
By the way, you can have all-you-can-drink wine by adding 500 pesos. (Mango shake costs 300 pesos here, so if you want to drink it, it’s better to order it as a set.)










Chicken, pork, seafood and beef are all of high quality and excellent.
I can’t eat very meaty meat in Cebu, but I can eat it firmly here.
If you don’t consider your meat intake, you will get full right away, so please be careful.
In my case, 8 items on the way were already more than enough.

We highly recommend this restaurant for its service and atmosphere, so please give it a try.

Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation for “Movenpick Hotel”.
We have recommended tours to enjoy Cebu, so if you are looking for a tour, please check this page.




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HP has been reopened

We reopened our website today. It is now possible to add new tours and make inquiries about applications via LINE. We will continue to update new tours and travel articles as needed, so please do not miss it. Leave it to KSB Travel for your Cebu tour! !! Please feel free to contact us.

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